2017 Speaking Schedule

 March 19, 2017 Acts 28: Journey to Jerusalem Sunday Service 9:30 & 11
WestGate Church South Hills Campus
May 14, 2017 Mother’s Day: Choose Worship Instead of Worry Sunday Service 9:15 & 11:15
Fremont Community Church
July 16, 2017 Waiting While Nothing is Happening: Lessons from the Life of Abraham Sunday Service 9:30 & 11
WestGate Church South Hills Campus
October 14, 2017 REnew: Life-Giving Friendship Girlfriend’s Getaway
WestGate Church
October 21, 2017 What the Bible says about Women who Lead ReGeneration Forum
December 10, 2017 Listen Sunday Service 9:30 & 11
WestGate Church South Hills Campus

Please use the form on my contact page to request a Speaker Packet with further information about travel, honorarium, and availability. References are available.
Other engagements within the past 2 years have included…

Sunday Services
Vineyard Church (Sacramento, CA)
Church of the Chimes (San Jose, CA)
WestGate Church Saratoga Campus (San Jose, CA)

Women’s Groups
WestGate (MOPs, Women’s Lifegroups, Women’s Summer Grill, Girlfriend’ Getaway)
Refresh (South Bay Church, San Jose Campus)
Mom’s Together (Menlo Church, Mountain View Campus)
Oasis Women’s Breakfast (Campbell Church of Christ)
MOPs (Calvary Church, Los Gatos)
Society for Women Theologians
IF:Gathering, San Jose

Millenials and More
Regeneration Forum (Conference)
L2 (WestGate college & career)
C.S. Lewis 6-week Summer Lab (WestGate)
Jonah 4-week Summer Lab (WestGate)

I would be happy to work with your group on any topic that you have in mind, or I have several talks that I love to give:

Free Indeed: Free from Worry
We can live free from worry even if we don’t live free from trouble. Jesus invites us to notice the birds and the flowers and recognize God’s love. When we worry, God seems small and our trouble seems big. When we worship, God seems big and our trouble seems smaller. Jesus says we can expect to have trouble, but we can also expect that God sees us and will always give us what we need. Even in the face of trouble, we can choose worship instead of worry.

Flourishing Free from Jealousy
Most of us know the fierce grip of jealousy, insecurity and comparison.  We have seen the damage it can do to ourselves and our relationships.  Although jealousy can be torture, it can also be a powerful teacher- and it can be tamed!  In this honest and interactive time together we are going to get to the core of our desires and discover something surprising about the jealous heart of God.

Here’s a quick preview:

Your Best Identity Crisis Ever

Have you ever lost a job, relationship, or made a life transition that suddenly left you feeling like you had lost a part of your self?  What does it actually look like to be our truest self, separate from what we do, what we have, or what others think about us? Re-defining moments can be a beautiful invitation to step closer to our truest self that God designed. Even without major changes, all of us can be inspired by a vision of who we can become.

Weekend Women’s Retreat Topics
(Full session breakout descriptions available on request)
 |  Hearing God’s Voice 
Brave  |  Experiencing Real Life with a Loving God
Jonah  |  Saying Yes to Compassion


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