Book Release

I have really BIG news…with a really big lead up…

I preached recently on the life of Abraham and how God used waiting to shape him as a friend of God and a man of faith (audio link here).

I have been praying and waiting for 3 years, but you might not know that because I might have been too scared to tell you 😬.

My secret dream has been to write a book. This year I realized the book that I want to write is one inspired by one of my favorite books of all times, Dallas Willard’s “Hearing God”.

I believe God is speaking to each one of us, and that we can all hear him. I have so many stories to tell you, and I can’t wait to hear yours!

The first week of July I was in Minnesota with my husband’s family. I woke up early one morning to pray overlooking the lake. I needed to talk to God again about this crazy dream. As I opened my eyes the sky above the lake had radically changed- to a view almost identical to the cover of Willard’s book.

I might have cried.

God brought Abraham out to a starry night sky to remind him of his promise. I sensed this foggy morning sky held a promise for me too.

THE BIG NEWS- I have partners in this dream of mine now! I signed a contract with Worthy Publishing the same day I prayed by that lake (it had been in the works for a while).

The book I’m writing- title tbd- will sit on retailer shelves and show up in amazon searches in October of 2018!

Thank you for cheering me on, for editing my bad first drafts, and for celebrating with me! I’m working on being better at dreaming out loud, so you can expect less secrets and more insider info in the months to come. You’re in the loop!