I’m Liz.  I’m a writer and a speaker and a Spiritual Director living in San Jose, CA.

Lizditty_headshotFinalBWI believe we can all see and hear God in our everyday lives. Whatever story you have been told about God, he is inviting you in to your own story with him.

Street Cred

I am the co-host on the weekly podcast and member of the Teaching Team for WestGate church, am a certified Spiritual Director. I have the honor of writing alongside the incredible women of the Redbud Writer’s Guild and being represented by Gates Literary Group.  I also volunteer as a chaplain at Elmwood Correctional Facility with CIC Ministries. I have over 15 years of small group and women’s ministry experience including leadership, strategy and speaking.

My Family

My husband and I have two beautiful kiddos.  Motherhood has broken me and healed me in incredible and unexpected ways. I’ve learned a lot about identity and vulnerability and being still in the ordinary.  I also DJ a sick glow stick dance party.

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