What to Give Yourself for Mother’s Day

I always get in trouble for buying my own Mother’s Day present. My kids are little and have zero taste.

What I really want this year is a little peace. A little quiet.

I’m giving myself 5 days of mom-mornings this week before Mother’s Day. Want to join in? Take 20 minutes for yourself and lock the door. Let’s carve out some silence for our souls.

Your gift to you:

  • Try to start or end your day (whichever time you feel most alert) with this practice.
  • Quiet Listen to a worship song, sit in silence, or pray.  As distractions come, let them move past quickly.
  • Read the Bible verses for each day. Notice any word, truth, or conclusion that stands out. Consider reading the Message translation
  • Meditate on the questions, consider journaling your answers.
  • Pray before you move on. Be in awe. Be sorry. Be thankful. Ask for help. Leave some silence to listen.
  • Share what you are thinking about with a friend or lifegroup, or here in the comments section.

Day 1


Read: Isaiah 43:1-7

Meditate: What words or images move you? How does God think about you? What does being precious to God feel like?



Day 2


Read: Psalm 63:1-8

Meditate: Have you ever been in awe of God? What do you want (or thirst for) most? What does it mean to cling to God?



Day 3


Read: Romans 8:18-27

Meditate: How are you feeling weak or groaning right now? What are you hoping or waiting for? How could the Holy Spirit help you?


Day 4


Read: 1 John 4:7-21

Meditate: How can you know if you have the Holy Spirit? How do you give love? How do you receive love?  Where do you feel hate, fear, or bitterness?



Day 5


Read: Ephesians 3:14-21

Meditate: Where do you see the power of God moving, changing, healing, or inviting in your life?  What is God’s love for you like? Where are you resisting Him?



I’m praying for you, this week, that you hear God’s voice. I’d love to know what he whispers to you. If it’s something you can share, let us celebrate with you in the comments section.


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