Anna and the Surprising Jesus

Hey Friends!

I’m so thrilled to have my writing over at SheLoves Magazine for advent.  Have you subscribed to them?  Their advent series has been amazing.

Hop on over to read what Anna taught me about hope on a cold Christmas night…

“My mother hadn’t decorated the house for Christmas since my dad died. Our family heirloom ornaments of crumbling school craft material sat still and musty in the rafters of her garage and no tree or wreath or garland or scent of pine or cinnamon were allowed to fill the home. They would be dangerously redolent of the times our family laughed and teased and huddled under oversized blankets on the couch.

I prayed through my holiday depression, into the fog. “Lord, I need a promise that our family is going to be okay.” I read through the Christmas Story, trying to hear it in my dad’s familiar voice, trying to feel like Christmas. That was the night I met Anna.”

Read the rest of the article HERE.


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