90 Days to Awaken Joy

We belonged to each other but lived in a friendly, stale silence. Our paths had parted at some unknown crossroads and I found myself physically present but emotionally distant. Our conversations focused on logistics with a polite formality to them. I began lowering my expectations dangerously, assuming that what we had could simply be as good as it gets. No one but us may have ever noticed the fire was gone.

I could have gone on like this for quite some time, keeping up appearances in my stale relationship with God, but it just was not enough anymore. I needed the power and passion back.

Real life was happening.

I’m guest blogging over at my friend Bronwyn’s corner. Head on over to her page to read the rest. While you’re there, explore a bit! Bronwyn is a beautiful, down to earth writer and her blog is a favorite in my inbox. I think you’ll love her 🙂

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